Growing Stories – Roger

The fifth episode of the #HistóriasCultivadas web series presents Roger, a musician whose life was transformed by one of the social and environmental initiatives from the planted tree sector. This project in Guaíba, Rio Grande do Sul, helps accordion players develop their talents and keeps traditional culture alive.

 Music has been a part of my life since I was born. I have memories of sleeping in my mother’s lap and listening to her singing. Same with my father. 

Roger Corrêa – Musician

This project is sponsored by a company in the Brazilian planted tree sector.

I started in the Fábrica de Gaiteiros program when I was thirteen, and started to have closer contact with music, living and breathing culture that I didn’t have contact with before.  I only played at home.
Is it ready yet, Dad? 

Isn’t a little chimarrão great early in the morning? 

Shall we? 

Music became my way of life. Besides studying all day long, it’s always present.

I’ve met so many people, this is what I like the most, this exchange with other musicians and other cultures. I’ve been able to visit other countries, all because of music.

Renato Borghetti – Musician and project founder

This project was born here in the city of Guaiba, out of a need. 

There was a time when the factories that made accordions (or as we say here in Rio Grande do Sul, gaita) all went bankrupt, closed, or shifted to other products. So the idea was to bring back production, bring this instrument back to musicians, to children. 

Fofa Nobre – Accordion teacher

We started with about fifty students, and it’s already been eight years, with more than 500 students participating throughout the project. 

The eucalyptus used comes from renewable, certified plantations.

Something interesting about the accordions is that they are really made of eucalyptus. 

I found a kind of eucalyptus, Lyptus, which is excellent wood. 

Beeswax is also used to seal the musical mechanism, actually iron strips, when air passes over them they vibrate and produce the sound. 

There is paper in the bellows.

Everyone in Guaiba knows about this company. I am grateful to it for sponsoring the project, and with it my passion for music. For me, this is a profession and my way of life. It all was discovered here. 

Companies in the planted tree sector carry out social and environmental projects throughout the country.

In this case, Roger was a diamond that I helped to polish. He started with this instrument, and now he’s attaining success.

The most important thing in my life is music, truly. And in second place, chimarrão. 

More than 1.5 million people benefit from the social and environmental projects carried out by this sector.

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